Shane Reames: 35 Years of Truck and Trailer repaires, from major engine and transmissions rebuilds to minor electrical problems, on all makes and models but specilized on peterbilt tractor and trucks. 
Dave Wagenman: 39 Years of truck body and custom painting , from estimates, complete body restoration, air systems, electrical, fabricating,welding, any other cutom fabricating and painting.  Don't be afraid to ask for any repairs. 
                 Shane and Dave's Team (Family) . 
Chris Maldonaldo: Shop Forman, 17 Years of truck and Trailer experience, From major to minor repairs, includes Diagnose engines, transmissions, electronics, air brakes, suspensions, steering, and all other components from bumper to mudflaps.
Jon Reames: 12 Years experience of Truck and Trailer repairs on all makes and models. Air brakes, electrical, preventive maintaince, tune ups, chassis and diagnosing. Trailer experience on Air brakes, engines , transmissions, electrical, B.I.T. Inspections, and all other components from bumper to mucflaps on tractors.
Mitchelle Maldonaldo: Office Manager, 

Shane and Dave's Truck Shop Inc.  Established in 1997